Thieves get into the Christmas spirit too! Some are already busy doing their holiday ‘shopping’. And if your stuff looks like it is something they can take, it may go missing too. We’ve seen trucks full of gifts get stolen, even on Christmas Day😣! Homes broken into, while people are away just a short time, is another example of thieves sending seasons greetings.

Enough is enough!

Three stolen vehicles were recovered in 3 different cities, all within 24 hours, on Dec 10. Lightcatch users made the difference in every case!

The more Lightcatch users there are near you, before a crime happens, the…

In 3 weeks Maclean’s magazine is going to publish a new list of the 20 worst cities for crime in Canada. A pandemic and recession could make things even worse in the next 12 months.

But there is a real fix to this situation. Your help could make it happen much faster.

Clear Alternative

We’ve developed training and tools for any City or County to really improve crime rates and your personal safety. The foundation of this program has already been proven in 4 different regions in Canada.

Our Advisory board, elected Councillors, and Policing staff who have helped shape this service…

Here’s a list of the items that were stolen and then recovered between Oct 15–28, 2020. The red Tahoe was recovered within 5 hours of being on Lightcatch.

Examples of how people used Lightcatch for results.

Here are examples of how Lightcatch is used to alert others in a rural area.

The Sturgeon County area of Alberta had 100–200 new users get Lightcatch this week. It was great to see the new users be able to work together so quickly.

Here’s a list of the items that were stolen and then recovered with minimal damages between Oct 7–14. Most were recovered within 48 hrs of the alert.

Items recovered that were in good condition

There were 9 recoveries over 7 days, plus a few arrests!

By giving 5 minutes per week those that had the app were able to lower crime. Their help allowed those who had to deal with theft feel safer and less isolated.

Please help co-workers and people who live nearby download and use Lightcatch. The more people who use the app on a regular basis the more likely crime is prevented in that area.

We love feedback!

A vet clinic gets robbed for over $10,000, an RCMP impound yard has a gate smashed and a vehicle restolen, and a retail store has a cordless jigsaw stolen. They all happened in the same small town within about 24 hours. What do you think happened next?

The retail store knows it has to be creative and open minded to problem solving. The industry is too competitive to operate any other way. Within 30 minutes of asking for help on Lightcatch the public identified who the suspects were, what vehicle they drove, and where one of them lived. …

Many people in the country are concerned about their safety because they are so far away from the local police. Just yesterday someone I know of had a gun pointed at them by a guy in a mask from a rental house in the country. They said all they were doing was farming nearby and stopped for a bit to look from the field at the property.

But I also see evidence the bad guys are getting the message crime in Red Deer Alberta, and west of that city, is getting harder and harder. At least vehicle thefts are getting…

75% percent of the time the police get a call after a crime has happened and the criminals are gone. Only 25% of the time do they get a call as a crime is unfolding. Here’s one example where the community could have helped arrest vehicle thieves right away just by reporting things they saw as suspicious on Lightcatch.

a) A truck was seen flying past someone in Leedale, AB about 8am
b) A Jeep was found in Eckville AB between 8am-9am with a tow rope on the hood, drugs inside, and front shroud damage. …

Did Lightcatch users really lower the vehicle theft rate in Red Deer 25% this year? Maybe they lowered it more than 25%!

The media recently reported auto thefts were down 41% in Red Deer Mar- June over 2019. Across Canada vehicle thefts were down only 15% in that period. That’s a 26% difference.

In Toronto, and in major cities across the US, vehicle thefts were actually UP during these peak pandemic months. Calgary, right next door to Red Deer, was about the national average but has since seen a rise in vehicle thefts in July and August.

With just 1% or less of the population using Lightcatch this area saw many auto thefts quickly recovered.

Why did this happen?

Why was there…

This guy kept trying to escape and everything he tried was failing. Nine vehicles and multiple police jurisdictions normally works!

This time the people had better ‘weapons’. They could update each other about what was happening like below.

A map of the suspects movement covering several hundred square miles.

In the end this guy got busted. Tough neighbourhood to get away when everyone has each others backs.

Look at this conviction record. It’s crazy.

2020 Aug 25 — “The suspect, Cody Feil, travelled through several jurisdictions, abandoning the stolen pick-up truck and stealing several (we heard 8) other unlocked pick-up trucks, left with the keys in the ignitions, as he evaded responding police.” –

2018 — June 6…

Over $50,000 of volunteer firefighting equipment has been stolen in the first 6 months of 2020 and it’s all been taken from five different halls within a two hour drive of my hometown. As far as I know only 1 of the 5 firehalls hit ended up getting some of the stolen items back.

The thing about these thefts is from the 2nd theft onwards they all could have been stopped. 😣😥

You see I strongly felt that if the same volunteer firefighters who already spend a lot of their time cleaning up the hall, maintaining the equipment, and then…

Darren Boyer

Founder of Lightcatch

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