44% posts on Lightcatch got their stuff back

We just ran the numbers for May and it was so exciting. People who had posted on Lightcatch within 1 hour of a crime had a 44% success rate.

Crimes posted over 1 hour after the incident dropped to a 33% success rate. Anyone waiting for after 12 hours to ask for help saw results drop again to a 19% chance of success.

There are 86,000 stolen vehicles in Canada every year. A 44% success rate would mean 37,898 can be recovered with Lightcatch. We don’t even have 3% of people using Lightcatch in most of these places that got the 44% results. Could you imagine the deterrence if 5% or 10% or 20% of people used this app to work together? It would be a thief’s worst nightmare.

Included is a little table that may not be scientifically perfect but it’s pointing to the potential. We show that if everyone used Lightcatch and every crime was reported on the free app in under 1 hour it could mean well over $1 BILLION DOLLARS saved across Canada in lost and stolen items. Probably more like $2 Billion is realistic because the real power of Lightcatch is working as a community to keep an eye on items before a crime occurs.

My dream is to make robbing people’s yards or shops just as ridiculous to try as it is to try robbing a bank. We need your help in this mission. Please share this positive message.

The best way to get 44% or better

The $75/yr SiteSafe service lets people with security cameras make a post instantly from any security camera system.
It’s possible to have a monitoring company for $25–60/mo watch your cameras and they can email alerts to SiteSafe and call the police on your behalf any time it’s needed.

Crime Stats from Statistics Canada

Founder of Lightcatch